What do you get for your donation?

  1. You are going to feel really good knowing that you are making a difference in my life.
  2. You will make sure I'm eating better than mac and cheese while I'm traveling and not sleeping on a park bench.
  3. You will be "dope" being part of the "Keep Riley Rolling" charity group!

 -  I will send you a personalized thank you via social media or email

​ - I will mail you a thank you letter and keep you updated on my results

 - I will tell everyone that you are amazing and I will send you a signed National Champion Jersey if you'd like. 

Looking for your help!

2019 is my last year as a Junior and I'm hoping to maximize my potential this year but it will be incredibly difficult for me given my tiny bank account and my parent's requirement that I pay for at least half of my expenses.  When I'm representing my Province or my Country at road and track events, I have to pay for my own transportation, meals  and  project fees associated with the event which is over $12K.

Upcoming Events:

  • Road Nationals - Grand Prix Cycliste de Beauce - Beauce, QC
  • Tour de l'Abitibi - Abitibi, QC
  • Track Worlds Preparation Camp - Milton, ON
  • Junior Track Worlds - Frankfurt an der Oder,  Germany
  • Junior Road Worlds - Yorkshire, England (pending selection)